Magnum Reproduction Services

CAD microphoneMAGNUM REPRODUCTION SERVICES, newly located in St. Augustine, Florida, has become the leading specialist in live, remote, professional recordings, as well as providing CD duplication services and more. We have been a widely recognized audio duplication company for the past 30 years with business spanning the US and overseas. Pride is taken in all music and sound reproductions from studio demos to full-length, live concert CD releases.

In the past, our live concert recording engineers have had experience with such artists as Whitney Houston, Sheena Easton, Billy Ocean and others. Quality recordings are our priority. MAGNUM has recorded some of the finest live concert venues throughout New York State. We also provide recording of local, live concert events and more. Please contact us for information about recording your event today.

We also specialize in audio transfers and audio archiving from cassette, analogue, vinyl, DAT, Minidisc, MP3's, Wav formats to CD's.

Magnum runs professional copying systems for CD's from short runs on up to multiple thousands.

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