Audio Projects

Need assistance in creating, finishing and reproducing your audio project?


  • reproduced demos for radio/TV/promotions
  • produced/duplicated CDs for promos and distribution
  • created CD programs for music festivals, seminars, concerts, music camps and symposiums
Here's how MAGNUM can create a professional release for you:
  • You can submit "finished" masters for us to duplicate -or-
  • You can submit material to be finished into a master for duplication

MAGNUM can provide the following:


MAGNUM can provide project services that refine and embellish existing recordings and masters. Adjustments to individual channels and biasing are available to improve sound quality. For jobs that require more than just duplication, we can handle that also.

EDITING AND MASTERING Jobs that entail the editing or restructuring of existing material for a master, or the creation of a master from various sources are subject to editing and mastering fees.

ASSEMBLY/LOADING This is a free service that includes the loading of CDs, trays, traycard/jcard inserts into boxes.


MAGNUM REPRODUCTION SERVICES guarantees all work and shall replace free of charge any media proven to be defective under normal use and operating conditions. MAGNUM does not guarantee and will not be liable for defects or damages caused by materials purchased from firms other than MAGNUM REPRODUCTION SERVICES. MAGNUM assumes no risk, and is not liable for and makes no guarantees for the security of client's materials in production, storage or for the delivery schedule, arrival times, delay or holding of materials prepared for clients. Every effort will be made to uphold the high standard of MAGNUM REPRODUCTION SERVICES.

CHARGES AND EXTRAS Due to the varying printing requirements, pricing for all options will be quoted on a "per-job" basis at an affordable rate for the customer.

FREIGHT & DELIVERY All shipments will be made via 1st Class US Postal or UPS regular carrier unless other arrangements have been made ahead of time. Special shipping options include RUSH, Express, Air & Overnight deliveries which are available upon request. All shipping charges are additional.

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